NEW RELEASE: The Moment of Truth by Shari Low

Shari Low, author of A Brand New Me, Friday Night With the Girls and The Motherhood Walk of Fame, has returned with a brand new novel that's now available on Kindle. In The Moment of Truth, 'proposal agent' Laney is shocked to find that her latest client has the same name as her own husband...

Laney Cochrane loves her life. 

With her friends Millie and Tash, she runs a proposal agency, organising the perfect setting for their clients to pop the question. 

Finding that forever love is something Laney knows all about. Her marriage to Cameron is blissfully content and she has never doubted they’ll live happily ever after. Then Cara Deacon walks into their office. 

When Cara enlists their help to set up a romantic engagement to her boyfriend, they visualise a breathtaking scene under a moonlit Manhattan sky. 

Laney’s excitement rises, until she realises that the man Cara intends to marry has the same name as her own husband. Cameron Cochrane. 

A bizarre coincidence? Identity theft? A cruel joke? 

Or is Cara’s dream about to become Laney’s worst nightmare? 

The only way to know for sure is to plan the proposal and see it through to the end. 

But whose heart will be left intact after… The Moment of Truth? 

BLOG TOUR: Thoughtful by S.C Stephens - Book Review

Over the past two weeks, the Thoughtful blog tour has taken place over quite a few bookish sites, and it's great to be joining them. Thoughtful is the new novel from bestselling author S.C. Stephens, who has also penned Thoughtless (the first book in the series), Effortless and Reckless.

Every story has two sides, and in this new book, the epic love story between Kiera and Kellan is shown through his eyes. 

All Kellan Kyle needs is his guitar, and some clean sheets of paper. Growing up in a house that was far from a home, he learned a hard lesson: You're worthless. Now his life is comfortably filled with passionate music, loyal band mates, and fast women...until he meets her. 

Kiera makes him ache for more. Makes him feel for the first time that he's worth more. But there's one problem - she's his best friend's girl. 

Just when Kellan thought his emotional defenses were rock solid, Kiera's indecisive heart wreaks havoc on his soul, changing him forever. Losing Kiera is not an option.

Admittedly, I hadn't heard of the Thoughtless series until I was contacted about this novel, though I'm rather happy that it was brought to my attention! Having not read first novel Thoughtful, I did wonder if I would be able to follow the story; after all, the first novel focuses on Keira. However, Thoughtful can be read as a standalone novel, though if you haven't read Keira's tale, it might shortly be a new addition to your reading list, as Kellan's story is a good one.

Upcoming rock star Kellan Kyle is on his way to living the dream. A burden on his parents, teenage Kellan spent his years hiding in his room and learning the guitar. His honed talent has provided him with a life of gigs, great bandmates, and of course, plenty of women to choose from. Though after yet another one night stand, something that's starting to become a normality, Kellan begins to wonder just what he's missing. Until he finally begins to fall in love. The downside? Keira is already with his best friend Denny...

I loved Thoughtful; it was a highly enjoyable book that I just had to keep reading - with the complicated circumstances, will the talented musician Kellan Kyle get the girl he desperately wants? - that's made me curious about the other novels in the series. To find out more about S.C. Stephens, head on over to her website - and do check out the great blogs in the Thoughtful blog tour for more reviews and interviews!

Rating: 4/5

COVER NEWS: The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter by Kate Winter

Kate Winter's debut novel The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter will be released in paperback in late May, and here is the beautiful cover! Being a fan of paranormal chick-lit (Twenties Girl and Heaven Can Wait are firm favourites), this novel is particularly exciting. In this ghostly, romantic tale, newly deceased Rosie has to uncover the mystery of her death. And quite possibly fall in love...

When Rosie Potter wakes up one morning with what she assumes is the world's worst hangover, the last thing she expects is to discover that she's actually dead. With a frustrating case of amnesia, suspicious circumstances surrounding her untimely demise, and stuck wearing her ugliest flannel PJs, Rosie must figure out not only what happened last night, but why on earth she's still here. Slowly the mystery unravels, but there are many other secrets buried in the quiet Irish village of Ballycarragh, and nobody is as innocent as they first appear. Aided by the unlikeliest of allies in her investigation, Rosie discovers that life after death isn't all it's cracked up to be, particularly when you might just be falling in love...

BLOG TOUR: An interview with Bree Darcy

Bree Darcy's exciting new novel Don't Mention the Rock Star is about a married celebrity reporter who finds herself back in touch with her superstar ex. Bree is the pseudonym of journalist Stephanie Pegler - not only is she a novelist, but she also heads up popular womens' fiction website Chick Lit Club. We're delighted to have Bree stop by as part of her tour to discuss the novel and her thoughts on the genre...

What is your 30-second elevator pitch for Don’t Mention the Rock Star?
Celebrity reporter is hiding the fact her first boyfriend is now a rock star. Rock star returns years later, wanting to reclaim his first love. … Do you mind pushing the button for the tenth floor? Thank you.

Which song best sums up the story?
Still Into You by Paramore sums it up pretty well. As much as Kellie tries to deny it, she can’t ignore her attraction towards Andy, even all these years later. Just like Hayley Williams sings: “After all this time I’m still into you.” Because Andy is a musician, and part of the story is set back in the mid-90s, there are several songs referenced throughout, from Queen and John Lennon to MC Hammer. There is a YouTube soundtrack on my website.

Who is your favourite character in the book?
I love Andy, of course, because for all his faults, he is so loyal. And because he went from skinny runt to sexy rock star right before our eyes. But Lenny and his cringeworthy antics definitely made me chuckle the most. I’m sure everyone has worked with someone like him, the guy who tries to make himself the life and soul of the party but fails miserably. Lenny essentially becomes a sort of father figure to Kellie.

What do you think of the chick lit label?
To be honest, I don’t mind it at all. But then I do run a website called Chicklit Club, so it would be kind of hypocritical to be offended by the term. I  understand why some people don’t like it but to me it’s just a simple way to categorise a novel. It’s a marketing term, a shorthand way to tell me it’s a story about an ordinary woman facing some of life’s challenges.  It works both ways too. I am a chick lit reader so when I flick through book catalogues, I skim straight over anything labelled ‘literary fiction’. Not for the want of people trying, no one seems to have come up with a better label yet.

Who have been your rock star crushes?
Back in the 70s I thought the construction worker from the Village People was pretty darn cute (what was I thinking?). Then Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran came on to my radar, singing Planet Earth, and he was my infatuation throughout my teenage years. I may or may not have carried around a tatty photo of the band as my lucky charm for all my exams. Then I progressed to Robbie Williams in his post-Take That days, and now it’s Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. There is a guyliner scene and a blue hair moment in the book dedicated to him.

When did you realise you wanted to be a writer?
I didn’t! I wasn’t one of those people who believed there was a book inside everyone. So wanting to write this story actually hit me out of the blue. One day I had a cool idea for a novel – and thought why not have a crack at writing it. It was about the mean girls of blogging - a subject I follow online with immense interest! Then the story of Kellie and Andy came through even louder and forced me to write that instead.  It was an incredible challenge – and I definitely think I’ve now been bitten by the writing bug. But if we’re talking about writing in general, not just fiction, then I knew I wanted to be a journalist from the age of 11, when I watched a TV show about a female sports journalist. Getting paid to watch sport all day – what heaven was this?!

What's the best advice you've had about marketing your book?
Do something every day to promote your book. Build your platform before you start writing it - luckily for me I had the Chicklit Club network to back me up. And the best way to get a burst of sales is to publish the next book.

Which celebrity would you most like to see write a novel?
It probably would be easier to answer which celebrity would you most NOT want to write a novel. There have been scant examples of success in this field. Hmmm, let’s think hard here … I reckon Oprah should add it to her bucket list.


They fell in love in an instant … so why have they spent a lifetime apart? 
As a teenager Kellie dated an American boy but circumstances meant they went their separate ways. Now he’s back and she’s so tempted to see him again. But two decades have passed and they are both married with children.

And the last thing a celebrity reporter like her needs is the world finding out about her past relationship with a rock star. Especially as Kellie’s husband doesn’t even know she once dated AJ Dangerfield, lead singer of legendary band Danger Game. And she has no intention of him finding out. EVER.

As Kellie deals with a demanding boss, a bullied son, an infuriating mother-in-law and a best friend who won’t act her age, she finds herself playing a dangerous game. What will happen if her two worlds collide? And is it possible that first love never fades?


Bree Darcy is the pseudonym of Australian journalist Stephanie Pegler. She is the publisher of several popular websites for readers and authors, including Chicklit Club, Connect and We Heart Writing, and also runs the annual International Chick Lit Month event. She worked as a newspaper sub-editor in Perth for about twenty years, and is married with three children. Don’t Mention the Rock Star is her debut novel. See for more details.

NEW RELEASES: Love...Maybe - the Valentine's Day short story collection from Avon

Whether you're a fan of Valentine's Day or whether you loathe it, Avon's newly-released short story collection, Love...Maybe is bound to have a story you'll enjoy (there's not only romance, but love potions, secrets, infidelity, even ghosts! I'm up for this...). The collection includes ten stories from much-loved authors including Fiona Gibson, Claudia Carroll and Ella Harper.

From heart-wrenching proposals to naughty little Chihuahuas; unexpected secret pregnancies to wicked love-potions; serendipitous brief encounters that change the hands of fate to bitter ghostly beauties who haunt loveless singletons. This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day short story collection. Tear-jerking, enchanting, feel-good and fabulous… Curl up, relax and escape into Valentine’s Day.


It’s the night before the Lusitania docks. Tragedy strikes. Will love survive?

Kate wishes she could turn back time to her 21st, in the arms of her childhood sweetheart. Be careful what you wish for …

William accepts Samuel’s proposal of marriage, but discovers that Sam has been hiding a secret. And it’s one that will change their lives forever…

THE LOVE POTION: The Vengeful One
When a pharmacist discovers her boyfriend's infidelity, she cooks up a Valentine's feast he won’t forget…

Searching for a Chihuahua called Cupid, PI Jayne McCartney discovers love comes with a bite!

SNOW ON VALENTINE’S DAY: The Bittersweet One
Clara goes to the same landmark every year, for the same heartbreaking reason. But what if things change?

Rachel has a secret. Daniel has a diamond ring. When a storm traps the two strangers together, destiny changes.

SAVING MIRANDA: The Serendipitous One
Dynamic Rufus and his desire to save the planet has won Miranda’s heart, but is he really her perfect match?

Does the new tenant have what it takes to break the spell of the three loveless ghosts at No.17?

Ousted by her teenage son’s Valentine’s plans, Jenny has no idea how to spend the most romantic night of the year…

BOOK NEWS: The Last Honeytrap by Louise Lee

The Last Honeytrap is the exciting debut novel by former private investigator Louise Lee. Due for release next month, The Last Honeytrap is all about PI Florence Love, who is tasked to ensnare star Scott Delaney...

He's the man every woman wants. Private Investigator Florence Love is out to get him.

Florence has ten days to meet, charm and entrap Scott 'Scat' Delaney. Whilst sticking to THE Cardinal Entrapment Rule:

One kiss, with tongues, five seconds - case closed.

Scat, a superstar jazz musician, is stunning. He's also a reclusive hypochondriac with a Junta-like entourage - it's going to take a special woman to make him fall into the trap.

Florence Love will tell you at length why she's that woman. She's beautiful, resourceful and relentless. A master of body language, evolutionary science and Shorinji Kempo. She'll use every tool in her armoury, especially when it comes to discovering the truth about Bambi, her absent mother - a twenty-five-year-old mystery she's determined to solve...

Cardinal Entrapment Rule #2

Never EVER fall for the target (even when they're the hottest man on the planet)

That would be very bad form indeed.

IN THE MAIL: Weightless / The Dish / The Trouble With Dying

This week was made by some great novels arriving in the mail, including an intriguing new book by Sarah Bannan, the new release from Stella Newman (author of Pear Shaped and Leftovers) which I've been rather excited about - and a paranormal tale from Maggie Le Page...

Weightless by Sarah Bannan
Adamsville wasn't a place that people came to. It was a place you were from, where you were born, where you were raised, where you stayed… 

Before Carolyn Lessing arrived, nothing much had ever happened in Adamsville, Alabama. Each week, at dinner tables and in the high school assembly, everyone would pray for the football team to win. Each year, the Adams High hotlist would be updated, and girls would rise and fall within its ranks. Each day, everyone lived by the unwritten rules that cheerleaders did not hang out with the swim team, seniors did not date freshmen and the blistering heat was something that should never be remarked upon. But then the new girl came. 

All Carolyn's social media could reveal was that she had moved from New Jersey, she had 1075 friends – and she didn't have a relationship status. In beach photos with boys who looked like Abercrombie models she seemed beautiful, but in real life she was so much more. She was perfect.
This was all before the camera crews arrived, before it became impossible to see where rumour ended and truth began, and before the Annual Adamsville Balloon Festival, when someone swore they saw the captain of the football team with his arm around Carolyn, and cracks began to appear in the dry earth.

The Dish by Stella Newman
The Dish by Stella Newman is the new novel from the much-loved author of Pear Shaped and Leftovers. This is a warm, passionate novel that will delight fans of Jill Mansell and Mhairi McFarlane and leave you happy and hungry in equal measure.

Love is on the menu. With a side order of lies.

When Laura Parker first crosses forks with Adam Bayley, she's only after one thing: his custard doughnut. But when she takes a closer look she sees a talented, handsome man who outshines the string of jokers she's been dating.

There's just one problem. Adam's job means Laura has to keep her job as restaurant critic for The Dish, a secret. Tricky for someone who prides herself on honesty.

Can the truth be put on ice long enough for love to flourish?

And how can you expect your boyfriend to be honest if you're not quite telling the truth yourself?

The Trouble With Dying by Maggie Le Page
When Faith Carson wakes up on a hospital ceiling looking down on her body in a coma, it’s a bad start to the week. A very bad start. She has no idea who she is or how she got there or why, and the biggest mystery of all is why she married the schmuck who wants her ventilator switched off. 
As if that’s not enough Faith has a dead gran haunting her, a young daughter missing her, and one devilishly delicious man making her wish she could have a second chance at life. And maybe she can, if she finds a way back into her body and wakes up by Friday. But if she doesn’t, this will be her last bad week—ever. 

Nate Sutherland decided long ago he’d settle for friendship if he couldn’t have Faith’s heart. But now, as she nears death, he’s going to have to listen to his feelings in a whole new way—and act. Because if he doesn’t, this week will be the worst damn week of his life. He’ll lose everything he’s ever loved. 

NEW RELEASES: New Uses for Old Boyfriends by Beth Kendrick

In Beth Kendirck's newly-released novel, New Uses for Old Boyfriends, privileged Lila returns to her home town in an attempt to reinvent herself.

After growing up in privilege and marrying into money, Lila Alders has gotten used to the good life. But when her happily-ever-after implodes, Lila must return to Black Dog Bay, the tiny seaside town where she grew up. She’s desperate for a safe haven, but everything has changed over the past ten years. Her family’s fortune is gone—and her mother is in total denial. It’s up to Lila to take care of everything...but she can barely take care of herself.

The former golden girl of Black Dog Bay struggles to reinvent herself by opening a vintage clothing boutique. But even as Lila finds new purpose for outdated dresses and tries to reunite with her ex, she realizes that sometimes it’s too late for old dreams. She’s lost everything she thought she needed but found something—someone—she desperately wants. A boy she hardly noticed has grown up into a man she can’t forget...and a second chance has never felt so much like first love. 

BOOK NEWS: Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher

Even though it's only February, there are already plenty of upcoming summer novels to look forward to - one being the latest book from Giovanna Fletcher, author of Billy and Me and You're The One That I Want. Dream a Little Dream is out in June, so add it to your summer reading list!

BOOK REVIEW: Don't Tell the Brides-to-Be by Anna Bell

Don't Tell the Brides-to-Be is the third novel in Anna Bell's fantastic series (following Don't Tell the Groom and 2014 release Don't Tell the Boss). Both of Anna's previous books have been wonderful reads (so much so that Don't Tell the Boss was awarded Uncovered's Book of the Year!), and so needless to say, to receive a copy of the latest installment was quite exciting.

The Don't Tell series focuses on Penny Robinson, a former gambler turned wedding planner extraordinaire after the success of her budget wedding blog, Princess on a Shoestring. Happily married to Mark (after a wedding that almost didn't go ahead - which all becomes clear in Don't Tell the Groom!), everything in Penny's life is seemingly going well - after all, she managed to kick her gambling habit, her wedding planning business has well and truly taken off, and her blog is still a roaring success. Oh, and not only is she also a bridal magazine columnist, but Penny has also gained a literary agent for her wedding book. Having cornered the budget wedding market, Penny's diary is full for the upcoming year.

However, things are about to change for Penny when she receives some exciting yet life-changing news. Penny is going to be having a baby. A baby that's due in the summer - a busy time for wedding planning!

Just when things seem almost manageable, in steps rival Georgina - a high-end wedding planner who's awfully bitter about Penny's success. With Georgina fully intent on ruining Penny's business, and a host of brides-to-be insisting on summertime weddings, Penny feels that the sensible thing to do is to keep quiet about the baby. But how long can she keep it a secret?

Once again, Anna Bell has penned another fantastic tale about Penny, which I read in a very short time as the series is quite addictive. Anna is a great writer and the Don't Tell series is a must-read for chick-lit fans. The characters are great and (mostly) likeable (such as reformed gambler Penny, husband Mark and not to mention the brides...) - and by 'mostly' I'm talking about the ruthless Georgina, whose schemes to steal Penny's business kept me reading, to see what she would do next! Admittedly, I'm not usually drawn to books that focus heavily on weddings, which is just a personal preference, but Don't Tell the Brides-To-Be is a brilliantly fun read that I struggled to put down until I had finished. In fact, the whole series is like this. If you haven't read Don't Tell the Groom or Don't Tell the Boss, then you can still pick up on what has previously happened in the latest novel, however I would advise you to read all three as they're fantastic.

I'm already looking forward to the next book!

Rating: 5/5


This month sees the release of Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire by Jillianne Hamilton; a chick-lit novel full of action and comedy that focuses on a 'professional' burglar. Needless to say, we just had to put our weekly questions to Jillianne to find out her inspiration behind the novel.

Tell us about your latest novel in 15 words or less.
Burglar Molly Miranda is partnered up with an untrustworthy wildcard for a job assignment. Hilarity ensues.

What inspired you to write Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire?
I was looking for a funny action novel featuring a female protagonist and I couldn't find one. I'd been trying to come up with a premise for a book for years. It totally figures that when I finally did, it was entirely by accident.

Where do you do most of your writing?
My corner desk in my bedroom/office on my iMac.

What is your favorite book?
The book that means the most to me in the whole world is "Angus, Thongs & Full-Frontal Snogging" by Louise Rennison. It taught me at a young age that books can be funny.

Which part of Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire did you enjoy writing the most?
The action scenes were so much fun. I also love writing the witty banter between Rhys (the aforementioned untrustworthy wildcard) and Molly. Witty banter is their natural state.

Who is your favorite literary heroine?
I live in Prince Edward Island so I'm tempted to say Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. I also adore Heather from Meg Cabot's Size 12 is Not Fat mystery series. And, obviously, Mia from The Princess Diaries.

Do you have any tips for readers who are looking to become published writers?
I skipped the traditional route and went right for publishing independently. If you're looking to go indie too, start learning what it takes to self-publish as early as you can. There is much to learn.

Are you working on anything else at the moment and if so, can you tell us?
I'm working on the sequel to Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire. While the first one takes place largely in England, this one takes place in France. It also picks up where we left off with Molly and the gang.

Thanks, Jillianne!

You can find out more about Jillianne Hamilton by visiting her website, Facebook, Goodreads, or by following her on Twitter.

Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire by Jillianne Hamilton
Professional, experienced contract burglar.

It’s not exactly something you can put on a business card.

Molly Miranda has made a successful living from “acquiring” valuables and delivering them to clients who pay buckets of cash for her unique services.

So what if she has to lie about her lavish lifestyle in Manhattan and her frequent trips out of the country? Molly has everything under control.

Things go astray when she knocks boots with her charming roommate right before taking off with an untrustworthy wildcard on a job assignment that doesn’t go quite as planned.

It doesn’t help that this new part-in-crime is super annoying. And attractive…

Join Molly on her hilarious adventures as she dodges bullets, trespasses, wears disguises, and steals her way into trouble.

BOOK NEWS: The Gospel According to Drew Barrymore by Pippa Wright

Being a fan of Pippa Wright's novels (which include Lizzy Harrison Loses Control and The Foster Husband), it was exciting to find out about her newest book, The Gospel According to Drew Barrymore, which is out in March. Read on for the blurb!

Friendship is like a shark: it has to keep moving forwards to survive.

Esther and Laura have been best friends since they were seven, when Esther was chubby and Laura was already perfect. So much has changed since then - school, boyfriends, drink, experimental hair-dye, university, jobs, London, babies - and their friendship has changed just as much, but they are still close, still inextricably linked to one another.

So when Esther is told that Laura has gone missing, she leaves everything behind - including her husband and small child - to fly to San Francisco and trace her friend's last movements. All she has is an email from Laura: 'I'm channelling Drew Barrymore, as ever. The Gospel, right?'

In trying to understand why Laura has disappeared, and what on earth Drew Barrymore has to do with it, Esther needs to look back. Back at the secrets woven into their friendship and the truths she's avoided facing for so long.

EXTRACT: The Frog Prince by Sophie Ranald

Yesterday we posted about Sophie Ranald's new novel, The Frog Prince - and today we have an extract from the novel to share with you! Handsome (and rather rich) Will Turner is looking for the perfect partner, and is persuaded to go try online dating by best pal Julian's girlfriend Stella. That is, if he agrees to go undercover...

It’s going to be a rout!” said Giles.
A massacre!” agreed Tim. “We will reclaim the Iron Throne, take what is our due, destroy our enemies!”
We’ll lay waste to their lands. Take possession of their gold. Rape their women.”
Steady on,” said Hannah, looking up from her laptop. “Less of the rapeyness, if you don’t mind.”
Sorry.” Giles paused, then resumed the war dance he’d been performing around the water cooler. “Rape their men, then! Steal their horses!”
You don’t have to rape anyone,” Hannah said. “It’s just a ping pong tournament, for God’s sake.”
What do you mean, ‘just’?” said Tim. “It’s deadly serious. Our honour is at stake.”
Will, please tell these boys they need to get out more,” Hannah said.
Ha! You’ll get nowhere with the boss,” Tim said. “His thirst for blood is legendary. One look at the blue baize and he goes berserk. Last time he played Davina Jones he was like Gandalf facing down the Balrog.”
She still won, mind,” Giles said. “But not tonight! Tonight we will have revenge. Right, Will?”
Will cleared his throat. He felt awful, letting his team down like this. The weekly Tech City ping pong tournament was a huge deal. Start-ups from all over London sent their best players, their skills honed by years of bitter rivalry. It was even rumoured that the recent annexation by a rival firm of Ivan Chan, one of Ignite’s lead developers, wasn’t so much a testimony to his stratospheric IQ and phenomenal coding skills, but because he had the best backhand in the business.
I’m really sorry, dudes,” Will said. “I’m not going to be able to make it tonight. I’ve got other plans.”
What? What could be more important than wiff waff?” said Tim.
And last week you weren’t here for Cake Tuesday,” Giles said mournfully. “You missed my Victoria sponge. It’s my nan’s recipe and it’s gnarly. I gave myself the worst wanker’s cramp creaming the butter but it was worth it, wasn’t it, Hannah?”
Total mouthgasm,” Hannah said. “So what’s up, Will? Tell us. What out-trumps cake?”
Ping pong, LDO,” Tim said. “Unless you’ve got a meeting with Steve Wozniak, there is no excuse for bailing out on tonight. None.”
Unless he’s got a hot date,” Hannah said. “Is that what it is, Will? Go on, share it with the group.”
Will allowed himself to imagine, just for a second, what it would be like to be the sort of CEO who didn’t have to put up with this kind of shit. A manager who struck terror into the hearts of his subordinates, and said things like ‘Step into my office’, ‘Your P45 is waiting’, and ‘Stop arsing around and do some work’. But he wasn’t. He’d found himself, almost by accident, managing a team of forty-five of the brightest minds in software engineering. Between them, they had dozens of PhDs and thousands of IQ points. They were in the business because they loved it – most of them had been coding since before they had a 1 in front of their ages, and he sometimes thought they hadn’t grown up much since then.
But, with competition for talent (not to mention mad skills at the ping pong table) so fierce among the hundreds of start-ups that populated the Silicon Roundabout, keeping staff sweet was essential. Hence the cake, the company’s dizzyingly high monthly coffee bill, and the relaxed approach to management.
Yeah, okay, if you must know,” he said. “I do have a date.”
Oooh!” all three of them chorussed.
Where did you meet her?” Hannah asked.
Is she banging?” Tim said.
Never mind that, have you banged her?” said Giles.
God, this was beyond cringy. Will really didn’t want to discuss his foray into online dating with his colleagues – especially the bit about the made-up profile and pretending to be a low-paid computer science teacher. It was ridiculous, he knew, and it wasn’t like any of them had sex lives to boast about, but he felt unreasonably ashamed of the whole business.
He looked at his watch. “It’s six thirty,” he said. “You guys need to get your skates on if you’re not going to miss the draw.”
Fuck! No time to waste,” Giles said. “Coming, Hannah?”
Yeah, all right,” said Hannah.
Just gotta take a smellfie.” Tim sniffed his armpit. “Yeah, I’m good. Tonight is the night I kick Davina Jones’s arse, and then I’m going to ask her out.”
Sayonara, Will,” said Giles.
So long,” Hannah said.
And thanks for all the fish,” said Tim, and they trooped off, joining the stream of others hurrying for the door.
Normally there were people at their desks until close to midnight, and through until the morning if they were working on a project with collaborators in Seoul or San Francisco, but on Wednesdays all bets were off. Rule one of Ping Pong Fight Club was you didn’t miss Ping Pong Fight Club.

NEW RELEASE: The Frog Prince by Sophie Ranald

Sophie Ranald, author of A Groom With a View (which you can read an excerpt from here!) is back this year with The Frog Prince, in which Will goes undercover in an attempt to find his perfect partner...

Not all stories end with happily-ever-after… 

On paper, Will Turner seems like the ideal man: he’s gorgeous, has a GSOH and looks great in a pair of Marigolds. Oh, and his tech start-up has made him rich beyond his wildest dreams. So why can’t he find the perfect girlfriend? 

Stella’s just moved in with Will’s best mate Julian, and she’d love Will to settle down too, ideally with a New Best Friend for her. She persuades him to try online dating – but there’s a catch. Will has to go undercover and pretend to be an average, hard-working bloke. He’ll do the big reveal only when he’s found Ms Right. 

What could possibly go wrong? 

While Will encounters ticking biological clocks, YouTube pick-up artists and a cat called Muggle, Stella's own fairytale isn’t working out quite as she imagined. Is her heart really in the right place? And has she left it too late to kiss her prince? 

UNCOVERED PICKS: Five February Releases

February is here, along with some great new releases from authors such as Katie Fforde, Jenny Colgan and Stella Newman! Not to mention exciting novels from Beth Thomas and new author Jillianne Hamilton. Here are this month's top five picks...

A Vintage Wedding by Katie Fforde
In a small Cotswold country town, Beth, Lindy and Rachel are looking for new beginnings. So they set up in business, organising stylish and perfectly affordable vintage weddings. Soon they are busy arranging other people's Big Days. What none of them know is that their own romances lie waiting, just around the corner...

Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire by Jillianne Hamilton
Molly Miranda has made a successful living from “acquiring” valuables and delivering them to clients who pay buckets of cash for her unique services. 

So what if she has to lie about her lavish lifestyle in Manhattan and her frequent trips out of the country? Molly has everything under control. 

Things go astray when she knocks boots with her charming roommate right before taking off to Scotland with an untrustworthy wildcard on a job assignment that doesn’t go quite as planned. 
It doesn’t help that this new partner-in-crime is super annoying. And attractive… 

Join Molly on her hilarious adventures as she dodges bullets, trespasses, wears disguises, and steals her way into trouble.

The Dish by Stella Newman
Love is on the menu. With a side order of lies.

When Laura Parker first crosses forks with Adam Bayley, she's only after one thing: his custard doughnut. But when she takes a closer look she sees a talented, handsome man who outshines the string of jokers she's been dating.

There's just one problem. Adam's job means Laura has to keep her job as restaurant critic for The Dish, a secret. Tricky for someone who prides herself on honesty.

Can the truth be put on ice long enough for love to flourish?

And how can you expect your boyfriend to be honest if you're not quite telling the truth yourself?

Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan
Summer has arrived in the Cornish town of Mount Polbearne and Polly Waterford couldn't be happier. Because Polly is in love: she's in love with the beautiful seaside town she calls home, she's in love with running the bakery on Beach Street, and she's in love with her boyfriend, Huckle. And yet there's something unsettling about the gentle summer breeze that's floating through town. Selina, recently widowed, hopes that moving to Mount Polbearne will ease her grief, but Polly has a secret that could destroy her friend's fragile recovery. Responsibilities that Huckle thought he'd left behind are back and Polly finds it hard to cope with his increasingly long periods of absence. Polly sifts flour, kneads dough and bakes bread, but nothing can calm the storm she knows is coming: is Polly about to lose everything she loves?

His Other Life by Beth Thomas
Grace's new husband Adam seems like the perfect package. Good looking, great job, completely charming - almost too good to be true ...So when Adam suddenly disappears from Grace's life, she is left bewildered and heartbroken. And with a lot of unanswered questions. As she tries desperately to find him, Grace opens a Pandora's Box of secrets and lies - and starts to learn that Adam wasn't so perfect after all. What shameful secrets was her husband hiding? Is Grace in danger? And can she survive the truth? However terrible it may be...