Welcome to my new blog - SUPER HEROINES!

For me, September has always been a pretty decent time to make changes. Most people might see the new year as the perfect opportunity to start anew, leaping excitedly into January with a fresh set of goals and the warm feeling of starting a new chapter (and perhaps, a bit too much champagne).

Personally, though? It's all about September. Maybe it has something to do with the shifting of the seasons; darker evenings, colder weather, cosy nights in with a good book. It could be that the back-to-school nostalgia has been invoked, reminiscent of a time when a new term would begin, new stationery would be bought and a fresh feeling would hang in the chilly air.

So it's only natural that I'd choose this time decide to give my blog an entire new look. And name. Yes, it's time for a big change - hence, welcome to Super Heroines!

In case you're wondering, I re-launched my blog on September 12th. It's something I've been thinking of doing for a while, and finally decided to just go for it, for a few reasons:

One - I felt as though the site needed updating - I'd been running Uncovered for three years, and although I loved the design, felt it was getting a bit old-fashioned. I wanted to give it a complete overhaul, so it could not have been a better time to work on something fresh.

Two - I fell in love with the name. I'm a huge comic-book fan, so it's no surprise where that name came from, but more specifically, I feel as though it sums up what I want in a book blog. One of the best aspects of book blogging is finding books with amazing, kick-ass leading ladies. And their awesome authors too!

When I started reviewing books many years ago, I focused mainly on 'chick-lit'. It's fun, it makes me happy, and even though I read absolutely anything I can get my hands on, chick-lit has been my go-to genre. However, I've been wanting to blog about other books I read, such as thrillers, mystery, crime and sometimes YA, and not have a particular emphasis on one specific genre.

My older posts will still remain, but from this point on, Super Heroines will take over. This blog is dedicated to the super ladies of literature - writers and characters alike!

Elle x