So, I've decided to take a blog break.

Currently I'm not sure as to whether this will be a permanent thing or just for a few months, but recently it's come to my attention that there is way too much going on in my life right now in terms of work, my own writing and other hobbies for me too keep it up, and that something has to go.

I've been book blogging for quite some time now - the best part of a decade actually - and I've loved it. It's been a great outlet, a great place to share my love of books with others, read ARCs of upcoming releases, and meet some fantastic people, such as authors, publishers and fellow book lovers. I've always been a big reader and so being able to blog about one of my biggest passions has been amazing.

That said, it does take up a lot of time, and currently, it's time I don't have much of. I have a full-time job, and I'm also a writer. I'm going to be starting a new novel soon. Promoting a novel takes up a lot of time too. Add to that other interests, such as exercise and reading (and being a book blogger, there is always a huge TBR pile), and it doesn't leave me with much time to wind down after a busy week. Book blogging can often feel like an additional job. Sometimes, I'm exhausted.

After recently taking up another sport-related hobby I have decided that if I want to do it, then I will need to give up something else. And sadly, it seems as though book blogging will have to be The One.

I've been blogging about books for a long time now, and I would much rather give it up than run a blog that's practically inactive. I have spent a long time reading and sharing and being part of a fantastic community but for now, I'm going to have to take a step back.

Thank you for reading, and goodbye for now!

Elle x

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